Why are my email invites not delivering?

There are a few things to check when diagnosing email delivery issues.

Check for correct email addresses

A common problem we see is copy and paste errors where the email address includes extra characters. Examples include:

  • <sally@myhc.com> - the extra characters "<" and ">" make this address undeliverable
  • justin@gmail.co - this email address is missing the "m" in "gmail.com"

To fix this issue on invites, you can remove the user with the incorrect email and send a new invite using their correct email address.

Check your Spam folder

It's possible that email was delivered to your mailbox but settings on your end categorized it as spam.  Emails from HealthChampion will come from the domain: " myhealthchampion.com", and most often from the address "noreply@myhealthchampion.com".

Check your Firewall

Many email firewalls have additional strict rules that can prevent our emails from being delivered. Below are a few settings to review.

Whitelist Domains

Emails from calcium will come from the following domains:

  • calciumhealth.com

Whitelist IP Addresses

We use a number of third party email delivery services, so to improve email delivery you may need to whitelist one or more of the following IP ranges:

  • Corporate email is delivered via Office 365
  • Application emails:
  • Marketing emails:
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