How do I add and/or manage my medications?

Manage your medications with Calcium!

Calcium can help you manage your medications. It can be troublesome to remember if you took your dosage of a newly prescribed medication, but the Medications section help you keep track of which days you followed the regiment. Let's walk through how the Medications feature works.

  1. After you have logged into the app, head over to the ‘Health Data’ section by tapping on the clipboard icon in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Scroll down on the ‘Health Data’ page and tap on the ‘Medications’ section.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is add a new medication entry. Tap either the ‘Add your first medication’ button or the teal ‘+’ button in the bottom right of the screen to get started.
  2. Fill in the name of the medication, as well as your typical dosage for that medication and any notes you’d like to provide. Tap the ‘Save’ button when you’re finished. You’ll be returned to the ‘Medications’ page, and you should see your new medication listed there. You can always update the information you entered if you want to make any changes by tapping on the small pencil icon at the top right of the medication card.

  1. The ‘Medications’ page updates to show which medications you’ve taken today, shown at the top of the screen.
  2. To look back through your dosage history, tap the calendar icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. All the dosages of medications you have taken will be displayed for the selected day. You can use the arrows at either end of the timeline to scroll through your dosage history. You can return to the ‘Medications’ screen by tapping the back arrow in the top left of the screen.

  1. If you take multiple medications a day your ‘medications’ page will segment them into morning, afternoon and evening. 
  2. Once you have added multiple medications into the app over multiple days you will see on the timeline view dots under the dates you have taken those medications.

  1. If you want to see when you took a certain medication tap the ‘filter’ icon in the top right corner in the ‘timeline’ view.
  2. Tap on the down arrow and select the medication you want to see then tap the ‘X’ in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Now you will be able to just see the medication you selected.

If you haven't already, download the Calcium app today and stay on top of your medications!

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