How do I add blood pressure measurements manually?

Don’t have an internet connected blood pressure monitor? 

Calcium allows you to record and track blood pressure readings in the app! 

After you have logged into the app, visit the ‘HealthData’ page by tapping on the Clipboard icon.

Now, on the HealthData page tap "Blood Pressure"

Click the Add (+) Icon in the top right hand corner of the screen

Enter your Systolic and Diastolic values from your blood pressure reading.

If you are adding an earlier reading change the timestamp accordingly.

Optionally add any notes you would like to include with the reading.

If you haven’t already you will be asked to review and accept our HIPPA agreement by tapping “I Agree”.

You will now see your entry on the Blood Pressure Summary.

Once you add additional readings, they will also be displayed on a graph over time.

Grey shaded regions indicate American Heart Association’s Normal range For Systolic (top) and Diastolic (bottom)

Download the Calcium app today to start helping your child, parent, or loved one with their health!

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