How do I join a pathway with a group code?

You received a group code to join the COVID-19 Monitoring Pathway. What next?

1. Get the Calcium App -- 3 easy options, either:

  • Text your Group Code to 773-570-1733 to receive a download link
  • If your organization has posted a flier, you may scan the QR code from there with your smartphone's camera
  • Tap the app store button below for your device


2. Register & Confirm your email address

3. Join the Group

Navigate to the People section, tap Use Group Invite Code, then enter your Group Code. Read and accept the group and pathway invite.

* *NOTE: By enrolling in the pathway you are agreeing to share your temperature and assessment results with your employer. You may opt out of sharing that information with your employer anytime by emailing Accepting our HIPAA agreement is required because temperature and symptoms monitoring are health data. Calcium is a HIPAA verified organization, and we take your privacy very seriously.

4. Use the Pathway

Look for your group's COVID-19 pathway on your Calcium home screen. Tap the header to enter the pathway, then "Take Risk Assessment" to get started. 

NOTE: Your group's pathway name may be customized, i.e. COVID-19 for ACME Corporation, or ACME's COVID-19 Pathway. 

Calcium's COVID-19 Monitoring Program is designed according to CDC guidelines for the coronavirus disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, also known as SARS-CoV-2. The program is a COVID screening tool, and the dashboard is an app for employers to use. It can be used retroactively for when an employee tests positive for COVID-19, or proactively to monitor symptom development. Using the program for your employees enables contact tracing if an employee contracts the disease, or if they are in contact with someone who has. As a platform for employers, the app is perfect for an essential company, for companies heading back to work, or for employee health monitoring in general. 

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