Change the email address for your account

Steps to change the email address (username) of your account.

1. Log in to the Calcium app with the old email (Current username).
2. Go to the settings page.
6e635c0792450f79e4017716b3dccffd.png3. Click on Edit in the account settings section
579ce201c9bc711611ab518bbd175b14.png4. Enter the new email ID and click on the update button. NOTE: New email ID should not be registered in the Calcium app. Kindly contact, if you registered a new email ID already.

a8a6a326c7891612d601949f9a53c0ce.png5. You will be redirected to enter the 4-digit code which is received in the new email account you entered.
6. Finally, you will get a successfully updated message.

Now, you can use the new email ID (username) to log in to the Calcium app.

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